Have patience with government, jobs will flow – Sammy Awuku

General News of Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Source: Myjoyonline.com


National Youth Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku

The Youth Organizer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has pleaded with Ghanaian youth especially the supporters of the party to exercise patience with government.

Mr Awuku says the party is aware of the unemployed situation members of the Delta and Invincible Forces as well as Ghanaian youth are going through which have culminated into some protests six months after the NPP government took office.

He urged their supporters to be patient with the government as it settles to get the NPP agenda working and solve their unemployment problems.

He explained to Joy News’ Evans Mensah on Newsnite program Wednesday that the situation has been created because of the previous government’s inability to create employment for millions of Ghanaian youth.

An army of angry party supporters in Tema besieged the venue of a town hall meeting Tuesday to vent their spleen against party leaders.

They say six months after fighting to bring the party to power, they have still not been given any of the jobs they were promised.

According to them, several efforts to reach key party supporters to put their grievances to them have proven futile. They threatened a massive demonstration against government.

“They should wait for us 2020 and we are yet to do a massive demonstration to stop everything in Tema,” one of the supporters threatened.

In a quick reaction, the Acting General Secretary John Boadu said while the supporters have a right to protest against the unemployment situation, they must do so within the ambit of the law.

“It is not surprising that the youth who have contributed their quota towards the NPP victory and who still don’t have jobs will be asking questions. I think it is something we must embrace and work towards creating enough space for our party’s youth and the youth of our country,” he said.

Adding his voice to the calls for lawful protests, the Youth Organizer also condemned the threats by the Invincible Forces saying unemployment in itself is a major national security issue and must not be tied to the group’s utterances.

“For us as a party and government, we are ready to partner government to deal with this monster of unemployment.

“The biggest for the NPP administration is the unemployment history we inherited from the previous government. Nonetheless, our programmes, policies and modules will deal with the situation once we roll them out,” he said.

He is positive the situation will be reversed as competent people have been appointed at the helm of affairs by the President.

“We are excited that they decided not to engage in a rubble rousing but decided to vent their spleen in the open to get their voices heard.

“We have taken it in good faith but we condemn the threat aspect of their speech, but as for them asking for jobs, it is a legitimate cause.

But security expert Emmanuel Sowatey who also condemned the threats said arrest and prosecution is an effective way of deterring people from making such utterances.

“One way of addressing [the problem] is being firm and harsh with such people who threaten the state,” he added.

Explaining why the threats of mayhem by the unemployed youth seem to be pervasive, the security expert said the youth are most often than not promised juicy offers by political party leaders during campaigns.

With that social contract signed, the youth expect the political leaders to honour their promises, once election has been won.

Mr Sowatey said in the mind of the such youth who helped the party to win political power, six months is too long a time to wait without a job.

“For some of the youths and foot soldiers I have encountered, they think that they are being fooled. When people want power, they use them but when they get to power, they adopt new ways of controlling and manipulating them,” he observed.

He believes the situation where parties let their foot soldiers act as security for the party when in opposition, gives them the impetus to make demands when the party wins power.

The security expert said he doesn’t see anyone being arrested and prosecuted because they are close to power so they behave with impunity.

He advised the party to find a way to talk to their aggrieved members to behave responsibly.

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