NGO supports ‘kayayei’ women at Dome market

General News of Monday, 31 July 2017



play videoAmanda Otchere

Executive Director for Mandy Care Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, Amanda Otchere has promised to invest in the lives of head porters, otherwise known as ’kayaye’ in Dome market.

According to her, the NGO was set up to build the capacity of these women through vocational skills training to better their lives and fend for their families.

Speaking at the inauguration of Mandy Care Foundation Project for ‘kayayes’ at the Dome market, Mrs Otchere, recapped that the project would make head porters self-dependent aside providing formal education to their offspring.

“Mandy Care Foundation is here to ensure that we enrol them, give them small capital to set up a business

We conducted a survey and realised that most of them were interested in bead making, hairdressing, trading and sewing”.

she stated.

Head of Dome Market Women Association, Diana Dowuona-Odoo, expressed appreciation and asked that other organisations emulate the gesture.

“She has done really well and we are most grateful to her

the program is a laudable program and she will need more room to operate”.

she specified.

Female head porters often migrate from the northern parts of country to urban cities in search for job opportunities or improved income activities with the hope of raising enough capital to invest in less labour intensive ventures.

Usually identified by their large pans and specially crafted headgear, they carry loads of goods bought by customers. The rich and the poor alike seek their services but pay little. Often maltreated by their clients, they are paid what the client thinks they deserve.

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