Haruna Mahama challenges High Court ruling

Haruna Mahama and two others were fined GHC 850,000 for defaming Mr. Owusu Agyemang

Haruna Mahama, Michael Dokosi and Giraffe Publications have filed an appeal at the Court of Appeal against a ruling which found them guilty of defaming the Chairman of COCBOD, Mr. Hackman Owusu-Agyemang.

The High Court ordered the three defendants in the case to pay a total of GH ¢850,000 (¢8.5 billion) to Hackman! This ruling was received with mixed reactions by the general public with many being of the view the fine is excessive.

In the Appeal, they are contending that the judgement is against the weight and proper evaluation of all the evidence adduced at the trail.

The Appeal further says, Justice Novisi Aryene, erred in law and fact by claiming Hackman’s reputation had been lowered in the estimation of his family and right thinking members of society generally by the three defendants.

They are also contending that Justice Aryene failed to consider the several deficiencies or defects in Hackman’s case in the judgement. Further, they are contending that the trial judge failed to adequately or sufficiently consider the defence of all the defendants including the defendants address. The lawyers also hold that the Justice Aryene inordinately relied on Hackman’s testimony only in her ruling which led to a serious miscarriage of justice against the three.

The lawyers are appealing to the Court to quash the ruling that went in the favour of Hackman Owusu Agyemang.

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