Otabil must apologise to Ghanaian Prophets – Owusu Bempah

General News of Sunday, 30 July 2017

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


play videoProphet Owusu Bempah is demanding an apology from Pastor Mensah Otabil

After coming under lots of bashing from some sections of the public, it doesn’t look like renowned Pastor, Mensah Otabil will have his peace of mind anytime soon.

He was bashed last week after a notice of monies people had offered as payment for ‘special miracles’ allegedly emanating from his church, ICGC leaked into Social media.

The notice promised “Millionaire Status” for anyone who gave an offering of $5,000 or GHC21,500. For “100% Life Improvement” believers would have to make an offering of $100 or GHC425.

But reacting to this during a radio interview, outspoken ‘Man of God’ Owusu Bempah observed that it was common to find some Pastors and Prophets these days take advantage of people to their personal benefit though there are many out there who are indeed doing the work of God.

He was, however, enraged by the fact that, a respected Pastor like Mensah Otabil will engage in taking money from congregants for special prayers.

Founder and leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministry International stressed that his anger stems from the fact that Pastor Mensah Otabil had in the past referred to Prophets who accept cash offering from congregants in return for blessing as false prophets

He also says that Pastor Mensah Otabil had called such congregants ‘fools’ for allowing themselves to be deceived by these false prophets.

Owusu Bempah thus finds it amusing that a person like Mensah Otabil will turn back on his words to engage in such an act.

“I am a pastor but I am not against offering. Not all Prophets are tricksters and not all prophets are fake, there are true prophets out there. Just as there are prophets who deceive so are there Pastors who deceive”.

“I am surprised its Mensah Otabil who is engaging in this act, he is a pastor I respect but I am highly disappointed. He is the same person who said born again Christians are foolish people who don’t think. They don’t think through things before they do. They continuously follow prophets who spend their money and yet do not perform the miracles they keep paying for”

Prophet Owusu Bempah says for Pastor Mensah Otabil to regain the respect he has earned in the past, he ought to apologise for his previous comments.

He insists that failure to do so will mean that Mensah Otabil is being discriminatory and looking down on the work of some Prophets as if to suggest he is the good person doing God’s work.

Owusu Bempah also said that Pastor Mensah Otabil ought to apologise for saying that Christians who visit the churches of prophets “don’t have wisdom and aren’t matured”

He emphasised that it isn’t wrong or condemnable to take offerings as a prophet or pastor because the funds are channelled into doing some beneficial works for the society.

Pastor Mensah Otabil is the leader and Founder of the International Central Gospel Church.

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