How Ghana’s Bozoma Saint John intends to transform Uber

Business News of Saturday, 29 July 2017



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After conquering challenges at some of the world’s biggest brands, US based Ghanaian marketing executive, Bozoma Saint John, has accepted the challenge to change the fortunes of Uber.

The transportation giant brought in Bozoma Saint John as its Chief Brand Officer last month to turn around the $68 billion company’s image.

Uber has been hit by scandals and the resignation of CEO Travis Kalanick but is determined to put these behind them in the ever-competitive business world.

Bozoma says her focus will be on changing Uber’s corporate culture.

She disclosed she will pay attention to rebuilding Uber’s relationship with riders and drivers though she admits it’s a mountain to climb.

“It’s about trying to be the representation of what I want to see, you know, I want change. I want things to be great for people of colour and for women. For us to be able to show up at work, do our best work, and be appreciated for that work.” she remarked

“So, if I can contribute to that, and it’s not gonna be easy, you know, there’s gonna be lots of challenges. You know, I’m sure there’ll be frustrating days. I’m sure there’ll be times I cry, ’cause I don’t mind crying, by the way. But I’m hopeful, you know, and I think that’s really what’s driving me, is that I’m hopeful.” she said

Saint John has established herself as one of the worlds doyens of marketing as she has previously proved her prowess in the field with some of the world’s notable brands like Pepsi and Apple.

She says her task at Uber is a challenging one but hopes to make the impact desired for the transformation of Uber.

“Well, every situation is unique, you know, in this one, part of it is an evolution, you know, not such a hard change. So it means talking to people, understanding the motivations.”

“stand at a cocktail party and someone will say, ‘Wow, that’s such a cool place to be.” she stressed

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