Jomoro Assemblyman in trouble over reckless comments

General News of Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Source: Daniel Kaku


Concerned YouthjFailure to heed to the youth’s demands, may lead to legal action – Jomoro Youth

The Concerned Youth of Nuba in the Jomoro District of the Western Region, has called on their Assemblyman, Hon Kennedy Yankey to retract a comment he made on radio about consulting his townsfolk before voting against presidential nominee, Mr Eric Muah. He made this statement on a local morning talk show dubbed ‘Adeakye ebia’ on New Day FM.

Hon Yankey’s comment has raised tension in his electoral area. His people claim it has brought disgrace on the community as well.

At a press conference held in the Nuba community on July 20, 2017, Convener of the group, Mr. Joshua Emuah Kofie condemned the Assemblyman’s comment and described it as unprofessional, malicious and deceitful indicating that the Assembly man had brought disgrace to the town.

“We are very much aware of news with the headline, ‘Withdraw your DCE nominee by Jomoro Assembly member to the President’, which was published by some online portals in Ghana. This news has been circulated on almost all social media platforms.”

“We wish to humbly plead on behalf of our community to the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo and his government that the said Assembly member (Hon Kennedy Yankey who is also a communications team member of the opposition, National Democratic Congress (NDC) party never consulted the community on the DCE confirmation, neither did anyone tell him to vote against the President’s nominee but rather voted based on his parochial interest.”

“The statement in the news clearly implies that we the good people of Nuba are against development, which is never true. We are one of the leading cassava and coconut producing communities in the Jomoro District but the feeder roads to enable us convey our raw materials from farms are in very bad condition. Why then do we tell Hon Kennedy Yankey to vote against the DCE nominee who is going to be in charge of developmental projects in the District? We wish to state emphatically that Hon Kennedy Yankey is a threat to the development of Nuba”, the Concerned Youth stated.

However, the Concerned Youth of the area has called on Hon Kennedy Yankey to render a proper account on their local festival’s fund raising which was organised earlier this year in January. “Our annual festival, popularly known as ‘Nuba Y3f3’ which is celebrated every 1st January, generated an amount of money this year for the community during the non-denominational Church Service. The Committee for the fundraising handed the money to Hon Kennedy Yankey and as we speak no proper account has been rendered by him”.

They also added that Hon Kennedy Yankey mismanaged their community water system indicating that the Assemblyman has never rendered any account to the community since he took over the management of the water system. “We have no access to our water system due to the improper management by Hon Kennedy Yankey. When he was invited by the chief and his elders for auditing, Hon Kennedy Yankey never showed up.”

The Concerned Youth of Nuba also told the media that since they voted for Hon Kennedy Yankey to represent them at Jomoro District Assembly, the Assemblyman has never showed up for any of their assembly proceedings. They quoted him as he said on radio that “it is not compulsory for an assembly member to meet his or her community after sitting”.

Before the press conference, the youth sent a petition letter to the Jomoro District Electoral Commission calling for the Assemblyman’s removal (vote of no confidence in Hon Kennedy Yankey) and was signed by 1000 registered voters from the Nuba electoral area.

Receiving the petition, Jomoro Electoral Officer, Mr Isaac Otoo assured the petitioners that the EC was going to start the process of impeachment soon and would give them feedback when they were through with the process.

However, the youth has given Hon Kennedy Yankey forty-eight (48) hours to render proper accounts on the festival’s fundraising.

They also added that Hon Kennedy Yankey has within forty-eight (48) hours to retract the comment made on radio on the rejection of President’s nominee.

They cautioned that “If he fails to do so, then he should get prepared for legal action.”

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