We’re sorry for military manhandling – NSS

National Service Registration 12An image of military personnel beating persons who massed up to register

The National Service Secretariat (NSS) has apologized for the chaotic situations recorded at some NSS registration centres that saw the manhandling of personnel by Police/Military who were detailed to maintain law and order.

There have been disturbing reports and images that emerged on online platforms which showed military personnel beating persons who massed up to register.

For instance at the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal annex, a lady reportedly suffered serious injury and bled profusely when a military officer hit her head with a stick in a bid to control the agitated persons who queued for a phase of the NSS registration.

But a statement by management of the NSS said the incidents are regrettable, blaming the pockets of chaotic scenes on the congestion seen in the registration phase of the mandatory exercise.

“Management has put in place measures to ease the congestions and therefore wishes to appeal to all National Service personnel to remain calm and go through the registration process smoothly.” the statement added.

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