AWA not responsible for disabled passenger’s plight – Management

Business News of Friday, 21 July 2017



Awa DisabledAfrica World Airlines (AWA)

Africa World Airlines (AWA) has told Citi Business News it did not flout any regulations for allegedly disembarking a passenger on a trip to Lagos in April 2017 due to his disability.

The airline explains that its decision was largely informed by industry standards and was geared towards protecting the safety of the passenger in question.

A passenger, Pastor Charles Ofori has blamed AWA for allegedly refusing him a flight over his disability.

He has since threatened to pursue legal action against the airline.

But commenting on the issue, the Chief Operations Officer of Africa World Airlines, Captain Samuel Thompson says the claims are untrue.

“As it is now, with the equipment that we have, we can only support WCHR (wheelchair passenger who needs assistance on the ramp) because the passenger in question will have to be carried but the wheel chair cannot fit into our aircraft. For somebody like him, we will actually need an ambulift to be taken through the service door and taken to his seat.”

“It will be good to travel with somebody that can assist him when there is an emergency or even the washroom while onboard,” he added.

Responding to the possible suit to be pursued by the affected passenger, Captain Thompson expressed his outfit’s readiness to respond to any such queries.

Meanwhile he tells Citi Business News requests for a refund could only be effected when the original purchaser grants the go ahead to be given to Pastor Charles Ofori.

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