‘Make her regret’- Counselor Lutterodt comments on Christabel Ekeh’s nude pictures

General News of Thursday, 20 July 2017

Source: Ohemaa Oppong Kyekyeku


Christabel Ekeh 2Christabel Ekeh

Counselor Lutterodt over the weekend in an interview with Abeiku Turkson on TV Africa’s SHOWBIZ AND MORE, has reacted to individuals saying, that we as Ghanaians should stop circulating the naked pictures of Cristabel Ekeh.

The actress a few days ago boldly splashed on her Instagram page, nude photos of herself in a yoga sitting position and in an almost backflip position.

Some Ghanaian celebrities however have pleaded with Ghanaians to stop circulating the pictures but Counselor Lutterodt has suggested that Ghanaians should circulate them as much as we can to make her regret her act.

“There is no way Ghanaians are over reacting in concern with this nude pictures, we should deal with both Christabel and the photographer, as for the young lady Ghanaians have to deal with her to feel remorseful for her actions, we have to condemn this act to the highest degree”.

“if she is doing this for popularity we have to also condemn it, whoever stood there to take those pictures is the one that we need to be blamed, It will not be fair if we don’t condemn her and this act” he added.

When asked by the presenter if she may be suffering from any psychological problems, the Counselor had this to say,

“The lady is very well aware of what she was doing and have no regret if you listen to her response, if she is not suffering from any psychological problems and she released this naked pictures at her own free well then she has brought shame to herself and her family so we should make her regret what she did maybe that will teach her a lesson”.

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