Adom TV Drops New Telenovela Series

Abena Yiadom

Adom TV, one of the entertaining channels on Multi TV, has introduced a new India telenovela series titled ‘Deli Armaamo Ki’ to augment the existing captivating programmes for the viewing public.

The Channel Manager for Adom TV, Abena Yiadom, told BEATWAVES in an interview that the new telenovela series which has been translated in Twi will start airing on the channel today, and it will be aired from Monday to Friday every week at 11:00am.

She assured viewers and advertisers that with this new addition, Adom TV would remain as one of the best TV channels and continue to offer the best viewing experience and value for money for advertisers.

‘Deli Armaamo Ki’ tells a story of Urmi, a young girl who gets married to Samrat, an arrogant, male chauvinist and abusive husband. As the story progresses, Urmi and Samrat have a child, Shaurya.

Moving further, Urmi walks out of her marriage with Samrat due to his infidelity and ends up as a successful independent woman.

Going forward, Ishaan who has been Urmi’s friend, confidant and lawyer, falls in love with her and they get married.

Samrat, the abusive husband, comes back to take revenge on Urmi. In the process, Ishaan gets killed while saving Samrat and later Samrat finish his life due to guilt.

Moving 15 years forward, Shaurya is an upright honest reporter who runs a news agency. Diya works with Shaurya in the same agency. On a work assignment, Diya is raped. Hereon begins the journey of Urmi, Shaurya and Diya.

Over the years, Urmi, with her courage, integrity and determination to fight for the right has become one of the most iconic characters on Zee TV.

With this leap, Urmi passes the baton she has been carrying to Shaurya. The story, henceforth, focuses on Shaurya and Diya and how Shaurya helps Diya, stands up for her, fights for her, supports her and eventually falls in love with her. Diya, on her part, fights for her rights, lives her life with her head held high and also eventually falls in love with Shaurya.


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