Hopeson Adorye accused of cheating in Madina MCE elections

General News of Thursday, 13 July 2017

Source: adomonline.com


Hopeson Adorye Hopeson Adorye

Outspoken communicator of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hopeson Adorye has been lambasted by a Presiding Member at the La Nkwantanang Madina Assembly for discreetly thumb printing a ballot paper for Madam Jennifer Dede Afagbedzi, to win the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) position at the Assembly.

Alhaji Ibrahim Feina on Adom FM’s Morning Show ‘Dwaso Nsem’ on Thursday said, Mr Adorye acted contrary to the constitution of the assembly to elect the MCE for the La Nkwantanang Madina Assembly when he together with the Coordinating Director and the deputy Regional Minister, Elizabeth Sackey appointed another Presiding Member without standing orders to vote for the position.

“When I entered, they had appointed someone else to be the acting presiding member. We had not scheduled after the first round. Our coordinating director and deputy regional minister appointed someone else to be the acting presiding member, in the constitution, which subscribes that there is no provision or standing others for the position of an acting presiding member…” he explained.

Describing the circumstances that led to the appointment of the MCE, Alhaji Ibrahim claimed Hopson Adorye took another ballot paper and ‘secretly’ added it to the vote cast to enable Miss Dede get two thirds majority.

He further revealed that, in the first round of the vote cast, Miss Dede lost the elections hence the committee moved on the motion to be re-voted within the next ten days as such he couldn’t fathom why the MCE could be appointed without his mandate as a presiding member since he wasn’t informed about the second round of cast.

“We voted first round. The nominee [Miss Dede] had 8 instead of 9 votes cast to be MCE. So we moved on the motion. We had closed the meeting. If there is a reconvening of another meeting I am supposed to be called for the meeting. But I wasn’t informed…” he stressed.

“Hopson Adorye took another ballot paper and thumb printed it into the ballot paper. So she [Miss Dede] won nine out of the rest. I wonder why a whole learned regional deputy minister would do this. I wasn’t informed about the second round. The law didn’t state immediate after the first election. If it was so I would understand…” he disclosed.

Meanwhile, Hopeson Adorye debunked allegations of voting and added that the law permitted the committee to commence with the second round voting since it endorsed re-election within ten days.

“The ten days start from within the ten days. It didn’t have to be necessarily after ten days. Nobody is above the law. I think he is not afraid of God…”

“Where did I take the ballot paper from? He should take his time to learn the standing orders. I can read it verbatim. He is a presiding member he needs to understand…” he stressed.

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