Stratcomm Africa CEO urges businesses to be strategic in social media usage

Esther Cobbah Summitplay videoCEO of Strategic Communications Africa, Esther A. N. Cobbah

CEO of Strategic Communications Africa, Esther Cobbah says companies in Ghana should not just employ people because they can put things on social media but rather make strategical choices as several things should be put into consideration before using social media.

Mrs. Cobbah who was speaking at the maiden Social Media Summit said, “companies usually want the shortcuts. When you try to take them through the thinking process and the analytical process they don’t like it”.

She stated that not all information is meant for social media so they need to know which platform will best suit the message and make the “right impact on the mind of the individual”.

She said the right combination of content, context and the channel should be critically considered when putting out information about their brands.

She urged them to “stop and think” before they rush to use social media.

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