PHOTO: Majid Michel shares Kung-fu styled snapshot with kids

Actor cum Man of God Majid Michel has shared an eye-catching photograph with some kids as he demonstrates his Kung-fu skills.

According to the movie personality, the best way for people to learn effectively and never forget what you teach them is to demonstrate.

The movie star shared the photo on his Instagram page.

“People, in order to learn effectively, must learn by demonstration. They must learn with a MODEL. Almost everything I know how to do, that requires skill, I learned from watching somebody”

“I learnt how to play football because a guy showed me how to take a 3 point stand, how to block, how to tackle how to throw a pass, I learnt how to play golf because a guy showed me how to keep my head down, keep my left arm stiff and all that, I learnt how to play baseball because a guy showed me how to grip the bat, how to have a balance, stand, I learnt how to catch because a guy showed me, I learnt how to play tennis, how to swim, how to fight, how to act, cos someone showed me. Everything that required skill, I learned because I had a MODEL.”

“Somebody became a MODEL for me. You see, many of us who claim to be the followers of Jesus, are suggesting that Jesus Christ provides a solution, an alternative to the world, and we keep saying the world is messed up, and the world needs to be changed, but we never give to the world, the MODEL of what it ought to be like. We never provide to them the example of what we say they should be like” he wrote

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