Greater Accra NADMO saves lives, properties at Bortianor

General News of Thursday, 13 July 2017

Source: Kwaku Asamoah


NADMO32Greater Accra NADMO launched ‘Operation Prevent Disaster’ program last month in Accra.

Greater Accra National Disaster Management Organisation(GA – NADMO) led by Mr. Archibold Cobbina has acted swiftly to save lives and properties at Bortianor, Tetegu, Tsokome and it environs after soliciting for Excavators to dredge the beach of Tsokome to allow the flow of the Tsokome river into the sea after opening of the Weija Dam by Ghana Water Company.

According to the Greater Accra NADMO Director, Mr Archibold Cobbina, he received reports from Ga South Assembly concerning the overflow of the Bortianor river into the nearby communities due to the opening of the Weija Dam and there was a need to attend to it quickly before it claims lives after claiming some properties.

“Greater Accra NADMO is under resourced and it making it very difficult to respond to emergencies swiftly, but when I received the report from Ga South Assembly concerning the flood, I had to contact HMD Machinery who is supporting our program dubbed ” Operation Prevent Disaster ” and they gave us two excavators to help pave way for the river to flow into sea”, he lamented.

Greater Accra NADMO launched ‘Operation Prevent Disaster’ program last month at Kantamanto and it motives are to prevent disaster such as flood in Greater Accra.

According to sources, Greater Accra NADMO is not having even a single car to respond emergencies in Greater Accra so sometimes they convey in ‘Trotro’ to prevent disasters.

The Greater Accra NADMO Director is still using his 2016 Campaign Mitsubishi pick up and sometimes some of his staffs have to sit in the bucket when visiting disaster site and when coming to Bortianor his pick up bucket was loaded with NADMO workers.

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