Dalex CEO bemoans unproductive use of social media in Ghana

Business News of Thursday, 13 July 2017

Source: thefinderonline.com


1Ken ThompsonChief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dalex Finance and Leasing Company, Kenneth Thompson

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dalex Finance and Leasing Company, Mr Kenneth Thompson is unhappy with the use of the internet, especially social media in Ghana.

The businessman is concerned many internet users do not appreciate or value the worth of the internet and post things about themselves that could hardly be of benefit to them.

“As a society, we seem to forget that the internet can actually be used for things other than letting the world know you were stuck in the waakye queue. When Facebook asks what’s on your mind, we forget that what we post is forever engrained on the pages of history; it is a record of who we are, where we are, what we think and what we are capable of doing.”

People have a chance to write an online CV that speaks for them on the world’s biggest platform. According to him, a job applicant recently lost an employment opportunity because social media revealed more than was on the applicant’s CV!

Mr Thompson pointed out that he was not against having fun but “benefit from the treasure trove of knowledge that is the internet. We really should start seeing it as more of a tool than a toy.”

There was a time in Ghana when we waited avidly for books to be shipped to us. Now, FREE Ivy League University courses are competing with the Kardashians for our attention.

Daily activities used to pure and simple. The Dalex CEO recalls a time when eating fufu or buying koko from the woman across the street was ‘answering a call of nature’!

Today, any human activity is a lifetime achievement and the currency: likes and comments on social media.

Hotel pools are full of young ladies posing for pictures in bikinis instead of swimming, which is what I thought bikinis were made for. You walk into church and young men and women are snap chatting to create an online illusion of sanctimony.

As to how real that is, well let’s just say it’s up for debate, but I digress. When Google opens its search bar, it is an opportunity to learn new and innovative ways of doing things.

New ways of starting a business, the arguments surrounding Ghana’s economy and be able to update ourselves on current affairs that don’t necessarily involve Shata Wale or Stone boy.

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