Bedbugs invade Keta Senior High School; authorities unconcerned

General News of Wednesday, 12 July 2017



Bugs 800x440As night falls, the students’ fears and anxieties for the blood-sucking insects rise

A marauding army of bedbugs have invaded Keta Senior High School in the Volta Region in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region yet school authorities and the Regional Education Directorate are unconcerned as students wallow in pain and agony.

The mass of tough insects are reported to have devastated students of the school making life uncomfortable. The development has made life on campus unbearable. Students now sleep in tables in classrooms thus making academic activities a remote objective.

The bugs, which are multiplying rapidly, can now be found in some of the classrooms and also in the students’ exercise books.

As night falls, the students’ fears and anxieties for the blood-sucking insects rise.

All attempts by to get school authorities respond to the issue proved futile.

A concerned parent who pleaded anonymity told Atinkaonline the problem has reached a fever pitch as students have resort to leaving campus to their parents to seek medical attention. He adds that the school authority have failed to take any initiative to fumigate the dormitories to ensure the safety of the students.

In a telephone interview with Volta Regional Education Director, Mr. Mawusi Buadi said the issue of bedbugs in second cycle institutions in the country ‘is not new and thus anyone who needs insight should come to his office for clarification.’

This is the second incident of bedbugs invasion in two of the region’s notable schools in at least one year. Mawuli Senior High was devastated by bed bugs late year.

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