Edward Mahama should’ve rejected ‘NPP job’ – Mornah

General News of Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Source: citifmonline.com


Mornah EdwardBernard Mornah, PNC National Chairman

The National Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah says the party’s Flagbearer in the 2016 election should have rejected the ambassadorial appointment offered him by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Dr. Edward Mahama, who has been five times flagbearer of the PNC, was named Ambassador-at-Large by the President and sworn in on Monday, July 10, 2017.

But the PNC’s Chairman has argued that Dr. Mahama has betrayed his principles following his acceptance of the position.

According to Mornah, Dr. Mahama suspended other PNC members including Mallam Issah and Ambrose Dery who were given positions in NDC and NPP governments at some point in time.

“Edward Mahama had refused to become vice president of Ghana; he also refused a health Minister position before. He had led and supervised the suspension of party members who did not allow their appointment to come to the party before they were appointed into other positions like Mallam Issah. Even Thomas Atiga, the Ashanti Regional Secretary then who went to support Patricia Agyei’s candidature in the Asowase by-election were all dismissed because Dr. Mahama won’t countenance it. And those other individuals who went their way, he considered that as poaching of our members. And we have been lampooned together including Ambrose Dery among others.”

“And so when I heard that Edward Mahama had gone to accept the position, I said it was not true because Edward Mahama will resort to the party before he can take such a decision only for me to wake up this morning for media houses to be playing his voice saying that he has confirmed. I was left without bones. I said this cannot be true,” he added.

Bernard Mornah told Citi News that the party will soon take a decision on the former Flagbearer which includes possible expulsion in line with precedence.

“I would want to establish the principles of democracy by calling a meeting of the party at which point maybe he will avail himself to tell us what really informed the decision. I think that for his own integrity…maybe he needs to apologise to former President Rawlings, for refusing to serve the nation when he invited him. Maybe he needs to apologise to former President Kufour, for refusing to become vice president and later minister for health because they will not route through the party. And today he has accepted an appointment without recourse to the party. Maybe he needs to apologise to the party and those other individuals who suffered his iron handedness because they will accept positions—Mallam Issah in particular. It will not do him any good because he had crucified others for doing same. It will be better for him in the eyes of all of us,” Mornah added.

I’m going to serve Ghana

Meanwhile, Dr. Edward Mahama has defended his acceptance of the position. He told Citi News he is going to serve Ghana and not any political party.

Edward Mahama does not require PNC approval – Treasurer

The National Treasurer of PNC, Akane Adams has also jumped to the defense of Dr. Mahama insisting that he does not require the approval of the party before he accepts the position.

“The appointing authority is solely the right of the president as enshrined in our able constitution, therefore, who appoints and who is appointed is the requisite and the preserved of the president under any working democracy. This is not different from the appointment of Dr. Edward Mahama as ambassador at large by his Excellency the President,” Akane said in a press statement.

He insisted that this was not the first time a member of the PNC had been given an appointment by a sitting government.

“In the past, former President Kufuor appointed known PNC men such as Moses Daniba and Mallam Issah for the health and sports ministry respectively. Fast forward, President Mills appointed Hon Alhassan Azong as minister for the public sector reforms and a few others from the party into board membership positions. All these appointees in the past did not require any approval from the party to accept their positions because the clear understanding has always been a move to ensure all-inclusiveness which the PNC sees nothing wrong with. The appointment of PNC men such as Dr. Sulley Gariba and Dr. Raymond Atuguba by President Mahama did not also require any approval from the party as it was simply a matter of choice by the appointee to accept and help build our dear country irrespective of the appointing authority. We hereby dispel any submissions within or without that seeks to downplay the essence of this noble appointment made by His Excellency the President,” Akane added.

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