I will still play sex roles – Baby Blanche

Actress Baby Blanche literally ran away from public eye with her tail between her legs two years ago after coming under heavy criticisms for her raunchy roles she played in movies such as Hot Fork, Adults Only and What S*x Can Do.

Surprisingly, the actress who initially could not handle the insults and name calling resulting in her severing ties with the silver screen is back from her hiatus and unfazed by the criticisms, saying she is ready to play more of such sex roles.

“I am back a better person. A better version of the Baby Blanche that people used to know but I will still act the same roles that landed me in trouble. Nothing about that has changed.

“The truth of the matter is that I used to worry about what people said about me but now, I have developed a thick skin and I’m not bothered at all. It is my job and if I am required to do that, I will. The earlier people get used to it and understand our business the better,” she said in an interview with Showbiz.

Asked how she intends to deal with criticisms this time around, she said, “I won’t even think about what people say. I understand the industry now. The most important people in my life who matter are those close to me. They know I am not what I portray in movies. Even some of my fans also understand and these are the people I want to do this for.”

“In fact, I decided to come back because I had lots of people asking me when I was going to be back on the screens. Their words also triggered me taking off the coat of care about what people out there think of me or how they see me. I have come of age and who I am is what matters,” she added.

Talking about how it feels coming back after the break, the actress who has featured in four movies since her return said, “It feels brand new, I feel good and I’m loving myself more now. I missed the cameras, the microphones, the crew etc so it feels great to be back”, she added.

Though Baby thinks the movie industry is not moving as it is supposed to, she believes there is still hope.

“The industry is not going as some of us saw it when we started acting but I think it has a bright future. We just need to work harder, get the right structures in place and we will be good to go.

Touching on if she worries her sex roles may trigger sexual attacks, Baby Blanche who was discovered by Socrates Safo of Movie Africa Productions about six years ago says she does not worry much about that. “I wouldn’t ever put myself at risk by being at an awkward places at awkward times.”

Baby Blanche finally assured her fans of nothing but the best from her in her subsequent movies. “I can confidently tell my fans that anytime they see me in a movie, it will be something they really want to sit back and watch. I’m going to surprise a lot of people who do not know the depth of my talent”, she added.

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