Rains destroy farms in Adaklu

Village FloodThe rains have also washed away some bridges in the District, restricting movement.

Days of torrential rains have destroyed farms and property worth thousands of cedis in the Adaklu District of the Volta Region.

Streams in Kodzobi, Vodze, Have and Dzakpo overflowed their banks flooding farms and the communities.

Crops destroyed include corn, cassava, groundnut, yams and vegetables.

Mr Newlove Nyatsikor, a beneficiary of the government’s “Planting for Food and Jobs”, programme told the Ghana News Agency that farmers could not go to their farms due to the floods.

He said they were worried about how to pay for seeds and fertilizers supplied them under the programme, because they paid only half the cost and were expected to pay the remaining half after harvesting the crops.

In another development, the rains have washed away some bridges in the District, cutting off some communities and necessitating closure of schools for days.

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