Adom FM dramatizes wisdom from great Akan Books on air

The cliché, an unexamined life is not worth living has been the watch phrase of all persons under the sun seeking to give their lives a meaning and become a point of reference by generations unborn.

In the journey of life, we take cues from the lives and legacies of great and worse men alike as inspirations to forge ahead.

Such persons would not want to miss any opportunity to learn more for the advancement of their lives.

Ghana’s number 1 radio station, Adom 106.3 FM, as part of efforts at shaping the lives of its millions of listeners is presenting yet another educative programme which would help the listener to once again put on the thinking cap.

‘Kenkan me’ is the name of the radio show based on written Akan Literature. A chosen book will be read to listeners in the most dramatic and compelling manner.

The stories would be formatted like the traditional oral storytelling, a strong narrator, spot of drama interlaced with good hi-life music.

‘Kenkan me’ would be on Adom FM every Sunday at 5:00pm. It would start on this Sunday.

Notable men of wisdom in the society would sit after the show to deliberate on the topics in the books and offer the best of counselling to listeners.

Listeners would during the show be offered the opportunity to phone in to the show to contribute to the discussions on the programme.

Listeners are therefore being entreated to tune into the programme and listen to words of wisdom from the great books that would propel them to chart new and better paths.

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