Hot Audio: Chinese galamseyers taking over jackpot operations in Asikuma

The Presiding Member of the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District Assembly in the Central Region, Isharck Kwasi Anakwa is claiming some Chinese illegal miners in the area have taken over jackpot operations in the town.

According to him, though the assembly has placed an indefinite ban on the operations of jackpots in the district as part of measures to reduce school dropout and petty stealing in the area, some illegal miners have revived  the illicit trade.

Mr Kwasi Anakwa noted that, the decision by the assembly to ban the jackpot operations was spurred by poor academic results and complaints by parents about the effects of the jackpot on the district.

He said children between the ages of six to 12 years are heavily involved in this business from dusk to dawn.

Mr Kwasi Anakwa said after the ban on galamsey, some Chinese nationals in the area have resorted to operating jackpot machines for their financial gain at the expense of the future leaders in the district.

As a result, a lot of school children have resorted to stealing whilst others have dropped out of school just to participate in the Chinese jackpot.

“The jackpot is contributing to child delinquency in the District and if care is not taken it will put the whole District in trouble. We have banned the operations but my worry now has to do with these Chinese galamseyers who have resorted to destroying the lives our children” he said.

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Meanwhile, the DCE of the area, Isaac Odoom has called on residents to comply with the ban or risked being arrested by the police.

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