Government to introduce new measure to curb corruption in public sector

General News of Monday, 3 July 2017



Kwaku Kwarteng1Kwaku Kwarteng, Deputy Finance Minister

Government will soon introduce standardization of budget policy to check allowances of appointees and civil servants to curb corruption in the public sector institutions, a Deputy Minister of Finance Kwaku Kwarteng has hinted.

The government has bemoaned the cost of resources used in organizing workshops and other programs for appointees and civil servants hinting of a policy to protect the public purse from corrupt directors at the helms of affairs.

“Transportation of civil servants including journalists will be standardized per travelling distances of the individual”, the minister revealed on a local radio station in Kumasi.

“The amount of money paid to some journalists for coverage is even more than the person’s monthly salary. …and government now wants to roll out modalities to standardize it”, the minister disclosed.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) Obuasi West Constituency in the Ashanti Region, defended allegation MPs received monies supposedly as bribes to “push” National Lottery Authority (NLA) in order to facilitate the amendment of the National Lottery Act 2006 (Act 722).

“Everone has had an experience of taking money for doing something. …MPs and journalists all have taken monies before from MDAs after workshops and government has taken notice of the huge amount”.

“I once had to reject money given me after workshop as my travelling allowances because of the quantum. …I know my minister will not be happy to hear I have taken that amount. That is why we are calling on you to also support the standardization”, Hon. Kwaku Kwarteng appealed.

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