Women cautioned against mediocrity at work

General News of Sunday, 2 July 2017

Source: ghanaweb.com


SAM32Dr. Ellaine Sam

Private management consultant and Public Relations Manager for Ashanti Goldfields, Dr. Ellaine Sam has specified that once women want to contest with men in the working field, they should work hard and stick to their job descriptions in other to be relevant.

She also revealed that although many women are in the public relations sector, only few occupy top positions in the society, a situation she attributes to inconsistency after graduating from school.

‘’Women will go into the universities and get their first class, the moment they settle after school, you will see them coming down’’.

She quantified.

Dr Sam advised women who perceive that they will continually be favoured and preferred because of their gender to refrain from such thoughts because such acts of kindness are usually exaggerated or do not exist.

She also cautioned women who give wrong excuses in order to play truancy at workplaces to abstain from such practices adding that it does not contribute to their development.

The Public Relations Manager for Ashanti Goldfields urged women working in the communications field to act in a business minded manner adding that persons in the Public relations sector are often labelled as spendthrifts who generate no income due to the fact that their jobs are difficult to measure quantitatively.

She therefore advised women to approach individuals occupying top positions for knowledge and mentorship

Dr. Sam however mentioned that women should strive in their various work specifications because there is no legislation in the country against them unlike other developed countries.

‘’we don’t have legislation against women, I have been in the mining industry and in some countries a woman cannot be a miner’.

‘’you can’t believe that as developed as they are these laws are based on superstitions’’. They assert that women bring bad luck to the mining area’’.

‘’In our country Ghana, we are paid for work of equal value’’.

She said.

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