Total Ghana introduces two new lubricant products

Total Petroleum Ghana Limited, the Oil Marketing Company has launched two new lubricant products in the Total Quartz range: Total Quartz INEO MC3 5W30 and INEO Long Life 5W30.

The Total Quartz INEO MC3 5W30 and Total Quartz INEO Long Life 5W30 are fully synthetic engine oils designed for excellent engine protection for the latest generation cars no matter the driving condition’.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Olivier Van- Parys, the Managing Director, said that the two products were developed in response to the fast growing technological trends in the automotive market and to satisfy the need of the Ghanaian vehicle users.

The Total Quartz INEO lubricants clean the engine and extend oil change interval and in addition, protect the anti-pollutant devices which eventually reduce the harmful emission of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), and Carbon Monoxide (CO).

The lubricants meet the US Specification API, the European specification ACEA C3 and the Euro V environmental standards and have gained the approval of major Automotive Manufacturers.

The UPPF Coordinator of the National Petroleum Authority, Mr. Samuel Asare Bediako, commended Total Petroleum Ghana Limited for the innovative and quality products they frequently introduce into the Ghanaian Market.

He added that the National Petroleum Authority as a regulatory body will keep on providing the right regulatory environment for all players in the Downstream Petroleum Sector to conduct business in a healthy, fair and competitive manner.

Mr. Asare also urged the company not to compromise on safety standards which are vital in the operations of the Downstream Petroleum Industry.