Uru Unveils Tickets & ‘TnT’ Service

Peters Ben

Uru, a new online transportation service, has announced a service system where it will buy and deliver tickets to patrons of showbiz events and also convey the patrons to those events and bring them back home.

The move follows growing concerns about transportation to social and showbiz events and back home.

The online transportation service launched its operations with a first-ever nationwide coverage in Ghana on Friday, April 21, 2017.

The service is not the first in Ghana. Uru’s operation is a full coverage in all the regions and cities in Ghana.

Explaining the mode of service at the launch, founder of Uru, Peters Ben, said, “The services is integrated with Google map and advanced global payment security encryptions that will ensure exciting and safer trips.”

“Uru has gone through years of researches and routine tests to guarantee a firm take off and subsequently lead the online car and ‘taxi’ hiring services. We have installed strong and reliable tools to ensure that customers can pick a ride online and be able to travel from Accra to Kumasi or to Tamale with ease and comfort. We understand how fast Africa is developing and the urge to connect with families and businesses with ease and reliability, so we have resourced our platform to deliver and meet the expectation of our clients,” he added.

With Uru, “We offer the cheapest and most convenient means of online taxi, giving both customers and drivers the most transparent dashboard that can easily be modified to fit riders’ specification during trips.”

Uru apps for customers and drivers are both available on Google Play and Apple Store.