… Burn Billboards In Savelugu

Supporters burning lorry tyres in Savelugu over DCE nomination

At Savelugu in the Northern Region, angry supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) vandalized party billboards and structures in the municipality over the nomination of Hajia Ayishetu as the municipal chief executive.

Party supporters, numbering over 200, took to the streets of Savelugu demonstrating their displeasure about the president’s nomination.

The aggrieved supporters threatened to burn the party office but some executives intervened and begged them to rescind the decision.

They gathered lorry tyres, billboards, party paraphernalia and other materials and burned them in the middle of the streets.

The incident caused heavy traffic jam in the municipality for hours; not even the presence of the police could stop the irate supporters.

Some of them, who spoke to DAILY GUIDE, said they did not support the nomination of Hajia Ayishetu because they do not know her as a party member.

According to them, she never participated in any campaign activity of the party and that people who fought so hard for the party had been sidelined.

They claimed that the nominee had never voted in the Savelugu Constituency and so they did not see her commitment to the NPP.

“H.E. Nana Addo will have his share of the pain we are going through come 2020, should he maintain this nominee,” one of them threatened.

In a related development, party supporters in the Sagnarigu District also took to the streets burning lorry tyres and other party properties over the nomination of Mariama Iddrisu as the DCE.

They threatened that they would not accept the nomination and that they would make sure that she does not get the needed confirmation.


FROM Eric Kombat, Savelugu