Resolute jobless nurses protest overnight at Health Ministry

The Coalition of Unemployed Diploma Nurses on Tuesday evening passed the night at the premises of the Health Ministry amidst rain and cold weather as they continued picketing in demand of financial clearance and posting.

There were close to 40 nurses who pitched camp outside the Health Ministry, as Tuesday marked the second day of their picketing at the ministry.

The nurses are demanding clearance and postings from the Finance Ministry, two years after they completed their programme at the various nursing training colleges.



“Yesterday we were bitten by mosquitoes. Today it is rainfall and it will be followed by the severe cold. We are facing all of this just because we want to get work. We are qualified to get work but we are still at home,” one of the protesting nurses said to Citi News.

The Public Relations officer of the Health Ministry, Robert Cudjoe tried to compel the nurses to end their protest by showing theme list with supposed members earmarked for clearance which included their names.

“We are only pleading with our brothers who have been here since yesterday to just go home and exercise some patience. I have shown them a letter that we have written to the Finance Ministry to give money to clear 4,428 [nurses and midwives] including them,” Mr. Cudjoe said.

But the nurses remained unsatisfied with indications from the Ministry, with one of the nurses noting that “per the questions and the inquiries we made concerning us, we were not convinced about what he was saying.”

“…We are hoping that today we get clarification and we know what to do next. We are expecting that we will be convinced about the clearance,” this nurse added.

The nurses have further threatened to march to the Flagstaff House if they are not granted the clearance they desire.

According to them, they will carry out the threat if their three-day protest at the Ministry of Health fails to yield any positive result.

By: Anass Seidu/