Auctioneer Sells Off 24 Agric Ministry Vehicles Illegally; Begs For Forgiveness

Alex Smart

An auctioneer at the Ministry of Agriculture stunned members of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) when he revealed that he has been conniving with some officials to auction off vehicles of the ministry without recourse to laid down processes and procedure.

Alex Agyei told the committee that he had so far sold off twenty four (24) vehicles of the ministry with the connivance of the officials.

Of the 24 vehicles sold, the auctioneer said he made a profit of GHC 33,000.

Admitting that he was wrong in auctioning off the vehicles without recourse to laid down procedures and law, Alex Agyei asked for forgiveness as according to him, he is now a changed man.

“Since that time that all this things came, I have changed the whole process…from no onwards, everything is in the right order and whatever I have done should be forgiven…,” he pleaded in response to questions as to whether he was aware his actions were illegal and a breach of law.