Police Woman “Commits” Suicide At Garu

Peace Agbemefo – Deceased Police Officer

Residents living around the ITC in Garu in the Garu-Tempane district in the Upper East Region are still in shock over what might have pushed a female Police Officer, Peace Agbemefo to shoot herself on Monday, April 24, 2017.

The female Police Officer, aged about 33 and stationed at the Garu Police Station was found on Monday, lying lifeless in a pool of her blood in her room, a few meters away from the Garu Police Station. She is suspected to have shot herself to death through her neck into the head, with her duty gun (AK-47).

On Monday, Miss Agbemefo was supposed to be on duty at the premise of the GN Bank in Garu. She had booked for her gun around 6:30am and was expected to report at her assigned duty post, but failed to report, according to reports.

Towards afternoon on that day, the Bank Manager, Haruna Abdul-Fataw, according to a local Journalist, Ayaaba Abdul Aziz, came out and realized there was no Police presence at the Bank and so he called the Police Station to ask for Police presence.

At this point Officers at the Station started wondering where the deceased female Police Officer will be, especially when the she had been assigned to be on duty at the GN Bank, and had also reported at the Station early to book for a gun.

According to the local Journalist, a young lady who visits to the deceased Police Officer to help in her daily chores, was the one who raised alarm over the Police woman’s death and attracted people to the scene.

The young lady (name withheld) had gone to look for the female Police Officer at her residence in the afternoon, but realized the door was locked. According to her, the deceased had told her on Sunday evening, to come for food on that Monday afternoon, and so when she realized the door was locked, she assumed the Police Woman had gone to work and so went home, and came back with a spare key the deceased had given her.

She opened the door and saw the female Police Officer lying in a pool of blood. The deceased had a gun shot through her neck into the head. There was a rope hanging close to her from the ceiling, as well as knife lying close to her lifeless body. There was no note at the scene.

The body has been transferred to the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital.


Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Bolgatanga