Jobless nurses sleep at Health ministry in push for employment

Members of the Coalition of Unemployed Bonded Diploma Nurses have vowed to spend one more night at the Health Ministry to press home their demand for appointment.

In an escalation of their desperation, the jobless nurses were seen in the night, preparing to pass the night at the forecourt of the ministry. Some wore night clothes to keep away mosquitoes.

They woke up Tuesday morning to resume their push for jobs. Joy News’ Matilda Wemegah reported that about a 100 affected nurses have gathered at the ministry expressing frustration that the have remained jobless two years.

They have grown even more agitated after government recently provided financial clearance for some 11,000 nurses to get jobs.

But they appear to have been left out in the slash on the force of unemployed health professionals.

According to the Joy News’ reporter, the agitated nurses plan to move to the Flagstaff House, the seat of government.