Business Devt Minister courts Kenyan investors

Business Development Minister, Mohammed Awal, has assured Kenyan investors that the current government is committed to towards securing a win-win situation for every investor in Ghana.

He said the Government has introduced measures to stabilise the local currency and reduce significantly the cost of borrowing.

These measures, he observes, include tax cuts such as the abolishment of the 5 % VAT on real estate sales, re-introduction of 3% flat VAT rate for traders and the abolition of the 17.5% VAT on domestic airline tickets.

“The government of Ghana is committed to creating a conducive atmosphere for businesses to thrive, with the private sector as the driver of economic growth and development,” he said during a visit to the premises of a Ghana-Kenya business partnership, Horizons Offices Ghana.

Horizons offices is a successful Ghana-Kenya business establishment based in Accra.

It is a business venture between Kenyan Investor, Mr. Ian Kabiru, and Ghana’s Technology Guru, Mr Herman Chinnery-Hesse.

The Minister was received by the Acting Chair of the Kenyan Community in Ghana Mr. Albert Ngumba, who revealed that Kenyans had ventured into several areas of business in Ghana because of the potential the country presents.

He expressed gratitude for support received from the Ghana Government over the years.

The visit was also to boost the success of the upcoming Kenya Trade Expo, which is scheduled for November this year.


Mr. Carl Nelson, the Chief Operating Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), who was also on the tour, urged all the Kenya businesses, to register with the GIPC as this would allow them to take advantage of the Centre’s extensive network and business services.

He reiterated GIPC’s support for the Kenya Trade Expo and thanked the Founders for their dedication to enhancing trade between Kenya and Ghana.