Big Brother Naija contest claiming to ‘Princess’ accused of being imposter

A lady claiming to be the real princess of Eleme Kingdom, Osaron Dorothy, has accused former Big Brother Naija housemate, Marvis of being an impostor for claiming to be the princess of Eleme, Rivers state in Nigeria.

Marvis, who was among the top five of the just concluded reality show, was earlier celebrated in Eleme local government by her father’s kinsmen while wearing apparels meant for a princess in celebration of her return.

At the welcome ceremony, which was attended by her fellow housemates Bisola and Kemen, Marvis was referred to as the Eleme Princess.

However, Dorothy said she and her sisters are the only princesses in Eleme, calling Marvis an impersonator, alleging that she is not a princess as her father is not a King in Eleme or Onne.

Report claims there has been a heated controversy over the rulership of the kingdom by Marvis’ family and Dorothy’s family, as both fathers hold claim to the throne and have since gone to court for redress.

Dorothy on her Facebook page shared a document claiming to be from the state government recognising her father as the ruler of the kingdom.

She wrote: “HRM King S.O Ejire Incumbent King of Eleme Kingdom,

“HRH King Dr. J.D Osaronu, Incumbent King of Onne.

“Why the Deceit.

“Enjoy your 48 hours fame.

“Princess of Eleme my foot.”