Govt Secures $30m For Yendi Water

Mohammed Habib

The Member of Parliament for Yendi who doubles as the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alhaji Mohammed Habib Tijani has disclosed to DAILY GUIDE that government has secured funding for the Yendi water project.

According to him, the Yendi municipality water issue was captured in the 2017 budget and an amount of $30m was secured from the Indian government for the project.

Information gathered indicates that the project aims at treating water from the Oti river and supplying it to the Yendi township.

The Yendi Municipality is currently facing acute water shortage which has halted business activities in the area and its surroundings.

The perennial water crisis which has hit the area for almost a decade now becomes acute when the area does not receive enough rains.

The situation has affected residents of Yendi; schools, hospital and other private institutions in the area.

The Regent of Dagbon, Kampakuya Naa Yakubu Andan who called on government to find a permanent solution to the water crisis said his people had resorted to using water from unhealthy sources and that could reintroduce guinea worm infestation into the area.

“Sometimes you don’t have any alternative than to rely on such water to survive which could also cause some health challenges.”

The Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Alhaji Mohammed Habib Tijani told DAILY GUIDE that there have been some arrangements with the Ghana Water Company at Tamale in the Northern Region to supply the Yendi municipality with water daily.

He indicated that three tankers currently supply the area with water and as and when there is a need to increase the supply they will do so for residents to get access to potable water.

The Member of Parliament for Yendi Constituency appealed to residents to try and manage the situation while government speeds up the process to start the project.

“I am in touch with the Minister for Water Resources and Ghana Water Company and very soon work will start on getting water from the Oti river.”

Some residents who spoke to DAILY GUIDE expressed their excitement about the supply of water by the tankers indicating that at least even if they do not get enough to use for their normal activities , it will be safe to use potable water for cooking for their families.

FROM Eric Kombat, Yendi