Akufo-Addo first 100 days: NDC firing blank bullets – Baako

Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper says the opposition National Democratic Congress’ criticism of President Akufo-Addo’s first 100 days in office is much ado about nothing.

Mr Baako said the criticisms are premature, because it was impossible for the president to have chalked significant successes within the period.

Speaking on Peace FM’s morning Show ‘Kokrokoo’, the veteran journalist said “they [NDC] are firing blank bullets.”

The Akufo-Addo-led administration has marked its first 100 days in office.

At a Joy News Town Hall interaction with Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia on Monday, he revealed that government had fulfilled most of its campaign promises and are on the path to achieving its objectives of putting the economy on the right footing.

The Vice President also revealed that government has chalked 103 achievements in the 100-day period.

Some of the achievements he mentioned included “arresting the running cedi”, replacement of the 17.5 percent VAT/NHIS rate with a flat rate of three percent for traders, reduction of the inflation rate from 15.4 to 12.8 percent and abolishing import duties on petroleum products.

But the opposition NDC says the president’s first 100 days has been a colossal failure. They described the period as one of “lawlessness and deception.”

The party’s Central Regional Chairman, Allotey Jacobs, who was also on the show said the president promised to construct a factory in every district, yet nothing has been seen in 100 days, not even the lands for the construction of these factories have been identified.

Allotey Jacobs flip

Allotey Jacobs

He also said the promise that  electricity and water tariffs will be reduced have not materialized neither has the reduction in payment of allowances to nursing and teacher trainees manifested.

For this reason, he said, government cannot claim it has fulfilled its promises.

But Mr Baako disagrees. He said creating the impression that nothing has happened within the period is unfair, not factual and not an honest approach .

He said goverement mentioned the one district, one factory project in its budget statement and has proceeded to release some funds for that purpose.

For him, the NDC’s criticism is a mere propaganda.

“If someone says they have achieved something, we look at the timeframe and the essence of the policy the person is talking about.

“You don’t expect that what you are pushing out there will happen within 100 days. You don’t, what you will see is a certain level of intent and if they are doing anything to bring these things into being or not, and I am saying yes, they are.”

He quoted stories about funds allocated in the budget and subsequently released for the construction of at least 47 of the new factories and for the expansion of some existing ones.

On the criticisms on the Zongo Development fund, Mr Baako said a Minister has been appointed and some funds released for the process to begin, and 100 days is insufficient time to do any assessment.

“Within that limited time frame of 100 days not much can happen, but whatever has happened you look at its significance and see whether indeed it indicates a certain sincerity and commitment by the person who made them.”

In his view the NDC is still suffering from the “pain of the electoral annihilation and it is understandable.”