Galamsey Fight: 500 Excavators Moved From Mining Sites

Over 500 excavators have been evacuated from the various illegal mining sites in the country, the Chief Executive of the Minerals Commission Dr Tony Aubyn has said.

He said the excavators are being moved by the operators of the mining sites themselves without any intervention by the state.

Ghana is on a national campaign to rid the country of galamsey- local word for illegal mining- which has destroyed many of the country’s water bodies.

A three-week ultimatum announced by the Lands and Natural minister John Peter Amewu to end galamsey expires this week.

Chinese nationals in Ghana are known to be leading the galamsey exploits in the country. It is believed that Ghana will be importing water in the next ten years if galamsey is allowed to continue.

Speaking on Morning Starr Tuesday, Mr. Aubyn said the cooperation by the illegal miners have been impressive.

“There has been rapid response by most illegal miners and this is positive. Excavators have been moved from the bush to some parking areas. By our records, we have close to 500 excavators moved from areas where illegal mining is common. We do not have a problem if people have excavators and are using them for proper and legal business,” he said.