Ethiopian Airlines Inaugurates Maintenance Hangars

Africa’s largest Aviation Group, Ethiopian Airlines, has inaugurated three more wide body paint and maintenance hangars.

The facilities are equipped with state of the art tele-platforms and tail docks; a full paint and general maintenance hangar along with 15,000 square metre backside offices, different shops and 105,000sq.m hangar apron area.

Each facility is capable of accommodating 1-B747-800 (the biggest Boeing airplane) at a time or more other type of aircrafts in different arrangements.

The third hangar is also capable of accommodating 1-B777-200 or 3-B737 Aircraft at a time.

Ethiopian Group CEO, Tewolde GebreMariam, said, “Foundational infrastructure development is one of the four pillars of our fast, profitable and sustainable growth strategic roadmap, Vision 2025.”

“Hence, to further complement our steady growth and attain our goal in remaining the leading MRO service provider in Africa, we have been making massive infrastructure development projects to modernize and expand existing MRO facilities at a total cost of USD 115 million.”

“Beyond ensuring self-sufficiency, completion of these maintenance hangars will surely enhance our capability to cope up with the 21st century new aviation developments and offer third party services”.

Currently, the company is providing complete total care maintenance service for ASKY, Malawian, RwandAir, Congo Airways, Ceiba Intercontinental, CamAir-Co. and Jambojet Airlines.

“We have also extended our services to a number of operators based in Africa, Middle East, Far East and Central Asia. Moreover, this milestone is also a symbol of our successful partnership with AVIC International and EXIM Bank of China and I hope this accomplishment will be replicated in Ethiopian 5-Star Hotel project which is now 40% complete”, the CEO said.

Ethiopian Airlines MRO is accredited by FAA, EASA, and ECAA and is currently offering  dependable services; Base Maintenance, Line Maintenance, Engine Maintenance, Component Maintenance, Calibration Services, Engineering Services, Structure & Composite Maintenance, Aircraft Stripping & Painting, and Wire Harness Manufacturing.

A Business Desk report