Bugri Cautions Media

Bugri Nabu

The Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP, Mr Daniel Bugri Naabu, has cautioned the media against dramatizing and misreporting the Agbogloshie disturbances to avoid an escalation.

Speaking to the media in Accra, Chairman Bugri Naabu indicated that what happened at the Agbogloshie market was a normal disagreement that went wrong, and has therefore cautioned the media against running uninformed commentary on the matter because that can inflame passion.

Chairman Bugri expressed his confidence in the leadership of the market to solve the problem and therefore urged the media to assist in peace education, management and development and not engage in reports that can aggravate the situation.

He also expressed satisfaction with the prompt way the government responded to the crisis and urged for total peace and calm.

According to the Northern opinion leader and Chairman, poverty and deprivation should be what the people should be fighting and not themselves.

“Let’s be our brother’s keeper and eschew violence in any form or shape,” he advised.

According to Chairman Bugri, what happened at the Agbogloshie market was not a war between Dagombas and Konkonbas. The talk of war is the media’s definition of what happened and not the truth, he noted.