Value of new limited GH5 note will appreciate – BoG

The Advisor to the Governor of the Bank of Ghana says the value of the new GH5 banknote would appreciate on the international market after a period of time.

Catherine Ashiley says subsequent prints of the new banknote, which is a one-off print in limited stock, will not have the text “Celebrating 60 years of central banking in Ghana” on it, which makes the new banknote currently in circulation to become a collector’s item.

She made this known when speaking at a stakeholders sensitisation workshop on features of the new GH5 banknote at Hohoe in the Volta Region.

“The GH2 note we issued in commemoration of Dr Kwame Nkrumah 100th birthday had a commemorative text, which is no more there.

“The note has now become a collector’s item which is being sold on the international market at various prices…so make sure that you will keep one of these five Cedis notes,” she said.

Mrs Ashiley also stated that the new banknote is engraved with modern security features to prevent counterfeiting adding the banknote has received a worldwide admiration.

She also debunked claims that the new GH5 banknote has the “mark of the beast” on it thus making the banknote satanic.

She explained that the mark being referred to as the “mark of the beast” is one of the modern security feature called the tactile mark which is engraved on banknotes worldwide to assist the visually impaired.

“Recently the tactile mark that is on our note that people are calling the mark of the beast, you will see it on other notes, the dollar has it, even the new euro has it.”

“It takes more than a year to design and print currency banknotes…you can imagine if it takes such a long time to print the notes, who would waste his time to be doing useless things, it is a serious job”, she stressed.

In March this year, the Bank of Ghana issued a new GH5 banknote in commemoration of its 60th-anniversary celebrations.

The new banknote has eight distinct features and smaller in size in comparison to the old GH5 banknotes already in circulation.