Low-quality cement blamed for collapse of buildings

The Building and Roads Research Institute (BRRI) is blaming poor quality cement for the collapse of buildings.

Director of the institute, Ing Dr. Eugene Atiemo, says moisturized effects of sulphate and chloride in groundwater cause what he describes as dampness in buildings.

He stressed the need to treat building sites and the foundation before putting up structures.

He added that putting up structures in wetland areas threaten their lifespan.

Dr. Atiemo wants property developers to patronize Pozzolana cement to reduce the incidence of building deterioration.

“It resists acidic attacks and suitable for abandoned refuse damp sites,” he said.

Pozzolana, developed after 30 years of research replaces up to 35 per cent of ordinary Portland cement to obtain Portland pozzolana cement for both concrete and general construction.

Following suggestions from Ghanaians and other stakeholders, the institute has also developed premixed composite Portland pozzolana cement known as pozzomix.

The secret about the pozzolana cement is its ability to resist acidic attack and helps to control cracks in walls and plaster peel-off due to moisture rise and salt attack.