Ghanaians have regretted! Exchanged colour TVs for black and white – NDC

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Chairman has expressed optimism about the political fortunes of the party, saying it will comeback in 2020.

Kofi Portuphy said the NDC will be voted for in the next elections because there is growing discontent by Ghanaians with the performance of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP’s).

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Addressing a news conference in Accra Wednesday, the former National Disaster and Managment Organisation (NADMO) boss said Ghanaians have regretted voting for the NPP after three months in power.

“Don’t we hear Ghanaians express regret that they have exchanged their colour TVs for black and white?” he asked, adding the NDC will “bounce back in 2020.”

Former President John Mahama

The ice of shock that caked the faces of NDC members following the party’s humiliating defeat in the 2016 elections does not appear to have melted away. Supporters of the party are still angry and frustrated four months after former President John Mahama lost his bid to get re-elected.

The Prof. Kwesi Botchwey committee that was set up to investigate the party’s debacle has submitted its report to the party leadership, but some senior members continue to attack one another in the media for the defeat.

But Mr Portuphy has appealed to members to channel their frustrations and anger into the reorganisation of the party.

“Those aspiring for positions must understand that we need a strong party,” he said, adding the only way to “fight the NPP” is to have a united front.

Mr Portuphy said the challenges facing the NDC are similar to the ones it faced after it lost the 2000 elections. “At that time we managed to overcome that.”

“The NDC will bounce back in 2020,” he said drawing applause from the gathering of party functionaries.