2 more arrested in Konkomba, Dagomba clashes at Agbogbloshie

Two persons have been arrested in Agbobloshie Wednesday, following bloody clashes between Konkombas and Dagombas which claimed two lives.

The suspects were said to be wielding a knife and a locally manufactured gun when they were arrested.

The identities of the two are yet to be made public but Joy News’ Favour Nunoo reports there is still a dark cloud of fear and insecurity hanging menacingly in the area, 24 hours after the clashes.

The residents are uneasy because hours after the bloody clashes, the police have not been able to retrieve any of the weapons used by the factions.

According to them, sophisticated weapons were used in the attack by both sides and if they are not retrieved, the possibility of another gun violence is extremely high.

Apart from the two people who were gunned down in the attack, scores were injured, some, seriously.

One of the deceased persons was on his way to rescue his kids from school when he was gunned down.

His body has been deposited at the Korle Bu Teaching hospital morgue. His brother has since taken custody of the kids.

Conflicting reasons have been given for the clashes. According to eyewitnesses, a man from one of the ethnic groups allegedly stole a mobile phone and was beaten by others in the opposing ethnic group. The suspect then reported the assault to his kinsmen who went on rampage in retaliation.

The police are yet to give an official account of what actually happened.

On Wednesday a battalion of police and military men were seen moving about in the community trying to maintain law and order but that is not completely reassuring to the residents.

Some of the residents complained about what they believe to be a slow response by the police and the military.

According to some of the residents, the security forces mounted a barricade at the precincts of the yam market but refused to enter into the market which was the centre of violence.

It was only after a victim, shot and draped in blood, staggered his way towards the entrance of the market that the police entered the fray in a desperate attempt to restore calm.

Dozens had been held hostage in their rooms and called their family members outside for help. Help came but was slow.

Accra Regional Operations Commander Chief Superintendent of Police Kwasi Ofori told Joy News the police are “carrying out saturated patrols” to “make themselves visible.”

He said they are also identifying and engaging all the ethnic leaders, youth leaders and all stake holders in the community to draw a roadmap for peace in the area.

Meanwhile, a young boy who saw the bloody scenes but escaped unscathed is calling for calm between the kokombas and the Dagombas.

He told Joy News’ Gift Andoh Appiah it is only when there is peace that there will be development.

The Ministers of Interior and Defence Ambrose Dery and Dominic Nitwul on Wednesday paid a visit to the scene of the violence to see at first hand what happened in the community.

The ministers were briefed by the security personnel who were present in the area.