If I Were Asked To Celebrate The “Saviours” In Our Communities

It is Easter and Christians are remembering the life and death of Jesus Christ. In all this, the focus is on the sacrifices Jesus Christ made, the pain he went through and the rewards it brought to the world.  Although none of us lived to see him, those of us who are Christians believe it and we are encouraged to emulate him.

From the account in the Bible,we are told that Jesus left his glory and SACRIFICED his life that man will get a better life. In simple everyday language, Jesus saw a need and came to fulfil it to make life better.

It is good for all Christians to reflect during Easter but as we do it is also important to think about what lessons we can pick from the life of Christ and translate it into our communities. As we celebrate Easter, I also like to pay tribute to people who are making a great difference in their communities.

The story of the MTN Heroes of Change is such an amazing story of men and women who identified a need in their communities and took steps to address that need. If you follow their stories on TV, on social media and in the newspapers, these heroes are making great sacrifices in their own unique ways. All of these heroes I am going to mention have sacrificed their time, finances, families and their own pleasures to make their communities better. They are “saviours” too.

These people have to be commended and recognized and I am not surprised that MTN Heroes of Change have received such huge commendations from all over the country and even outside the country. Read their stories below.

JOSEPH ASAKIBEEM: Based in Sirigu in the Upper East Region, Mr. Asakibeem provides medical aid to children born with varying deformities. These children named “spirit children” are treated as outcasts. Mr Asakibeem educates the community about the medical state of these children and how they can be cared for to improve their survival rates.

REV. MONSIGNOR. ALEX BOBBY BENSON : Through funding from the Catholic Church, friends and other individuals, Father Benson has been able to cater for the needs of marginalized HIV/AIDS persons. His “Matthew 25” house has provided spiritual, emotional and financial support to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. He is a savior to these people who are often rejected by members of their family and the entire society.

  1. MICHAEL ADUSEI-NSOWAH: Through his rural eye health project, Dr. Adusei-Nsowah has helped numerous people suffering from diverse eye problems. Dr Adusei-Nsowah travels to health facilities in Asonomaso in the Ashanti Region to give medical help to people who require eye treatment. His project is largely self-funded.

REV. FR. MOSES ASAAH AWINONGYA : Through his NGO, Regentropfen Education Foundation, Rev. Asaah takes care of orphans and other needy children within Namoo in the Upper East by providing shelter and food. He set up a scholarship fund which helps brilliant but needy children go to school. He has also built a library and a university in the village of Namoo with a hostel facility that is nearing completion. Through his projects he is giving hope to many young people.

JOANA MANSAH DEEGBE: She set up a community library in Shiashie to enable children improve their reading and literacy skills. She’s a lawyer and an educationist and loves to see children grow and glow into responsible citizens in future.

NANA PROF. OSEI KOFI DARKWA III : The Chief of Patriensa, Professor and President of the Ghana Technology University College has established a five year developmental program to transform his community. He has helped construct a road that has significantly cut the travel time of farmers from their farms to the market.He is also championing many education interventions in his town.

Today, I pay my respects to the six heroes whose stories are out there for all to see. There are four more to be showcased and I believe there will be time for their stories to be heard.

These people need to be commended and applauded for being the little “Jesus” in their generation. They saw a problem in their community and they took action. All of them faced challenges but they had to find a way of overcoming it.

These people are teaching us valuable lessons. You don’t require all the resources in this world to take action. All you need is a caring heart, a stimulating mind and a restless spirit that wants to make a difference.

When we are confronted with challenges in our workplaces and communities, what do we do? We sit back and murmur. We often blame other people except ourselves. We blame Assembly men, MPs, or the government for not doing anything about it. The issues that are difficult to explain or “crack” we leave it to God. We hardly consider what we can do to solve that problem.

As we celebrate Easter we should not just be happy with the Easter story. We must not leave Christ alone to carry his cross. We must all look for “crosses” in our communities.  We must be the “saviours” in our communities and our country. Let’s not just allow the Easter to pass by without awakening the Christ within us. If we can remember the love of Christ we should also spend sometime to applaud the heroes in our communities. There are more. Just look around you and you will find many people who are living the examples of Christ, not by words, songs and prayers but through their actions

Catch the stories of the MTH Heroes of Change on GTV Saturdays 5:30; TV3, Multi TV and GHOne between 5 -7pm. The broadcast last for only 30 minutes.