Looming chieftaincy crisis in Central Region’s Pra Ewusi

There is looming crisis at Pra Ewusi in the Central region following threat of violence by four royal gates.

The gates are unhappy with what they claim are attempts by a rival gate to install a new chief.

The Abusuapaynin of the town is warning there will be bloodshed if the gate should go ahead to install the new chief.

Speaking at a press conference, the Abusuapanyin said the rival gate has, time without number, attacked residents of the four gates and violated the laws of the land but the police have done nothing to them.

He said even though the four gates have filed a formal complaint to the Anomabo Traditional Council, nothing has been heard from them.

He swore that the occupants of the four royal gates will defend themselves if the rival gate goes ahead to install a chief during Easter.

“We are going to take our destiny into own hands bearing in mind the consequences. We will return fire for fire, boot for boot. We will handle each and every one as and when they come.

“We have decided to keep quiet because we trusted the chiefs of Anomabo to settle the issue. We also trusted the Regional House of Chiefs but up till now, the case went before them since 2015 and nothing has been heard from them.

“The one gate continues to harass the people, beating at random,” he alleged.

Members of the rival gate are however challenging the status of the Abusuapanyin. They told Joy FM’s Central Region correspondent, Richard Kojo Nyarko a new Abusuapanyin will be elected after which a new chief will be installed.

According to Kojo Nyarko there are five royal gates in Pra Ewusi in the Central Region.

By tradition, the installation of a chief should rotate amongst the five gates. However, four of the gates are accusing one of the gates of tormenting them and continuously installing a chief at their expense.

The four have vowed to resist any attempt by the rival gate to install a new chief.