That’s My Opinion: Blessed to know what is wrong but cursed to do nothing about it

Going through my archives of writings, I came across a show I did sometime in July 2015.  It is so apt for this time and so I have decided to repeat it tonight. 

I am actually amazed at some of the facts and details I outlined during that programme in 2015.  So I have done just a little editing to reflect the current times, 2017. 

Join me as I ask these questions,  ‘what do we have to show for all the mining and degradation?’

‘What will history say about us?’

As a people we are gifted to know what is wrong and its repercussions.  But we are also equally cursed not to do anything about it, to correct it. 

My name is Nana Ansah Kwao IV, join me tonight at 8PM on Joy 99.7fm and