New Queen Mother For Aburiman

The newly installed queenmother being carried shoulder high in a procession

The Aduana –Aberede families of Aburi, Fotobi, Agyemanti and Nsakye in the Akwapim South district of the Eastern Region last Monday installed Awo Abena Ayebea II as Queen mother in charge of Royals, “Adehyehemaa”.

Awo Abena Ayebea II who is known in private life as Abena Kwatema and based in the United States of America (USA) is the first female to bear that title after nearly five decades.

The queenmother who is 58years old and a mother of three will, among her duties as ‘Adehyehemaa,’ serve as the main pivot in coordinating the activities of the Aduana-Abrade royals to ensure the welfare of the royals and community at large.

She will also collaborate with the Aburiman Queen mother, Awo Amene II to champion development agenda of the Aburiman Traditional Council as well as the Adonten division of Akuapem.

Speaking to a heavily attended audience at a durbar of chiefs, queenmothers and people from the Adonten division, the Aburihene, Otoobour Djan Kwasi II urged the new queen mother to be circumspect in dealing with the chiefs, queen mothers and the people.

Otoobour Djan Kwasi who is also the Adontenhene of Akuapem congratulated  Awo Abena Ayebea II on her installation and admonished her to be warry of being complacent and ensure that Adontenman and Okuapeman benefits significantly during  her tenure as a ruler.

“I am particularly grateful to the King Makers and panel of chiefs who conducted a series of interviews and background checks on the candidate ,Awo Abena Ayebea  who stands before us as the newly installed ‘Adehyehemaa’, her duties to state will be fully achieved when as a people we cooperate with her” he stated.

The newly installed queen mother in a brief address called for the collaboration of the Traditional Council and all the people to be able to deliver as expected.

By Solomon Ofori