Meet Karen Kash Kane, new face on JOY PRIME

Karen Kash Kane is the latest ‘chic’ on Joy Prime. She will be hosting the JODHA CHAT ROOM, a chat show where a panel will discuss each series and the issues raised in each episode, Mondays to Fridays.

Karen is a Ghanaian celebrity wardrobe stylist who has styled many people both locally and abroad.  Some of the celebrities from Ghana include Becca, Jackie Appiah, Joselyn Dumas, Selly Ghalley just to mention but a few.  

The elegant, bubbly and eloquent former beauty pageant, whose hobbies are farming, fashion, styling and discussing social issues brings on board the show, style, fashion tips and deeper understanding into the issues in JODHA AKBAR. She is excited and looks forward to letting her audiences feel at home on the JODHA CHAT ROOM.

Jodha Arkba is an interesting epic love story of two royal families who are at war with each other. In order for peace to prevail, one family decides to give their daughter out in marriage.

Join Karen and her team on the chat show as they delve into issues related to the happenings in our society as raised in the award winning series.

Jodha Arkba shows Monday- Friday @ 7pm on Joy prime, followed by the JODHA CHAT ROOM at 7: 30pm.

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