Lawyer Yeboah not charged with fraud

Lawyer Charles Opoku Yeboah, an Accra based lawyer has not been charged with fraud as being reported in a section of the media.

Further Investigations by the Ghana News Agency have now revealed that lawyer Yeboah is not facing a charge of fraud at an Accra High Court as reported in a news item last week

Justice Charles Edward Ekow Baiden last week recused himself from a case involving Mr Yeboah with the explanation that since he attends the same church with Mr Yeboah he wanted to avoid any semblance of bias.

The investigations revealed that the case involving lawyer Yeboah is related to a cheque issued to solicitors of Koala Limited which was dishonoured due to a miscommunication.

It was further revealed that the value of the cheque was subsequently cleared over a year ago.

Justice Baiden in his submission never mentioned fraud as reported in a section of the media.

Investigations revealed that the other accused Stephen Kwame Addo, an Estate Agent was the one who was facing a charge of fraud.

Some media houses reported the story using the GNA source and claiming he had defrauded the Chairman of Koala to the tune of 2 million dollars which was false.

The GNA wish to correct that impression and states that mr Yeboah was not in court on charges of fraud though Addo had been charged with fraud.