Govt won’t spy on Ghanaians – Interior Ministry

The Ministry of Interior has rubbished reports that it plans  on enforcing a new communication law aimed at surveilling calls and social media activities of Ghanaians.

Reports are rife thatt the ministry is in the process of instituting a new regulation which will sanction wide spread surveillance of the citizenry’s calls  and activities on the internet.

But commenting on the development Monday in a statement,  the ministry sternly rejected the claim.

“The ministry wishes to emphatically state that there is no such new communication regulation and thus calls on the general public to disregard the news item.

”The Ministry wishes to assure the general public that, no one’s communication device, be it mobile hand devices, personal computer etc. is connected to any system at the Ministry of the interior,” said a statement from the ministry.

It added that in as much as the safety, peace and security of citizens is “our primary concern, we will not do anything tantamount to the invasion of the privacy of citizenry and affront on the respect of the fundamental human rights of the citizenry.”