Spaklean Marks 10th Anniversary – Daily Guide Africa

Dinah Owusu-Kissi

Custodial management company, Spaklean will this month mark its 10th Anniversary in Ghana, having introduced innovation in its operations.

The company has over the years predominantly provided commercial cleaning services to corporate bodies in the financial services, educational, aviation and manufacturing industries.

Besides commercial cleaning, the company also offers facilities maintenance and project management services.

Managing Director of Spaklean, Dinah Owusu-Kissi, said in an interview that although there were many janitorial and cleaning services company in Ghana, the custodial management industry was still at an infant stage, largely unstructured and unregulated.

“Consequently, many of these companies do not offer real professional service that enhances property value and facility managers have no standards for performance measurement.

“Spaklean, however, has distinguished itself with professional procedures and cleaning service methodologies adapted to meet the facility needs of the Ghanaian environment,” she said.

Mrs. Owusu-Kissi explained that Spaklean, which was founded in April 2007 by indigenous entrepreneurs, had evolved from its modest beginnings to become a pacesetter in the commercial cleaning space.

Janitorial training

She said Spaklean invested heavily in training manuals, videos and presentations to equip staff at all levels after it noticed the absence of formal training establishments for custodians, comprising janitors, cleaners and housekeepers in Ghana.

This, he said, was to help not only people with a technical appreciation of the science behind cleaning services, but enhance the ethics of the profession.

Having institutionalized these training curriculum over the past 10 years, Mrs Owusu-Kissi said the company was now extending its services to third parties, including hotels, restaurants and business within house janitorial teams.

She advocated the use of microfibers, steam cleaning, magnetic dry mopping and touch free cleaning systems.

Spakean, which has 31 corporate clients, provides commercial cleaning and facility maintenance for more than 80 corporate facilities, besides one-off projects and residential facilities.