ECG privatization: Honour your promise; PUWU charge Akufo-Addo

General Secretary of the PUWU, Micheal Nyantakyi speaking at the press conference

Workers of the Electricity Company of Ghana who are members of the Public Utilities Workers Union have asked the president to initiate a dialogue on the privatisation of the company.

The workers say President Akufo-Addo must fulfill his promise, made to them months ago, to open a dialogue on the privatization of the power distributor.

Joy News’ Hannah Odame was a press conference organised by the group in Accra where its General Secretary Micheal Adumatta Nyantakyi called on the president to act.

“We recall that the president in his own state of the nation address stressed the urgency of this dialogue, so if the president talked about something to be done urgently and for over two months nothing has happened with respect to that activity, then we think it is appropriate that we give him a reminder of what he said,” Mr. Nyantakyi stated.

Workers of the ECG have registered their discontentment since government announced that the power distributor will be privatized. 

The workers have argued that the privatization will not solve the numerous problems the company is facing.

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They also fear that the privatization will result in the loss of jobs after five years of the privatization. They have embarked on numerous demonstrations to register their displeasure.

Although the current government has started consultations to address the issue, the General Secretary says they want to take part in the discussions in order that their concerns will be adequately presented.

“We know that once the board of MIDA has been constituted, government is not sitting idle with respect to this concession. Definitely some discussions may be going on that we may not be privy to so we think it is important we call on government to honour its word and initiate this process.”

He added that it is critical that the views of key stakeholders are taken on board before any major decision is taken.

“That is why we think that after two months, it is time to remind the president of his promise,” he stressed.